Red Kong Jawrobics Dog Toy

Red Kong Jawrobics Dog Toy
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Product Description

In 1976, Kong established "the standard" for dog toy performance and durability. Today, Kong toys are enthusiastically used and recommended by veterinarians, trainers, dog professionals and pet owners around the world.

Kong's exclusive, super bouncy, red, natural rubber compound is irresistible for most dogs. The red Kong's a designed for a typical chewer, if your dog is a more enthusiastic chewer check out the black Kong Xtreme toys.

Vets and trainers recommend stuffing the Kongs with food and treats to keep your dogs busy and deter misbehaviors.

The small red Kong is 3" high The medium red Kong is 3.5" high The large red Kong is 4.25" high The X-Large red Kong is 5" high The King red Kong is 6" high. Made in the USA.